Conditions & Treatments

Spinal Conditions

Back pain - Lumbar spine stenosis, Lumbar disc prolapse/herniation/slipped disc, Sacroiliac joint pain, Vertebral compression fractures: Osteoporotic, traumatic, pathological, thoracic disc herniation
Neck pain - Cervical spine stenosis, Cervical radiculopathy (pain radiating to the shoulder and arm)
Facet joint pain/facet joint syndrome
Chiari malformation: Chiari I & Chiari II

Pain Management

Our aim is to first consider non-surgical management options for all conditions, in partnership with your GP

Minimally invasive & Image-guided nerve root blocks for nerve pain down your leg (sciatica) or down your arm (brachialgia)

Minimally invasive & Image-guided facet joint blocks for back pain

Radiofrequency denervation of facets (rhizolysis) for back pain

Peripheral nerve

We routinely offer carpal tunnel release surgery, and ulnar nerve decompression, for patients, usually under a local anaesthetic to allow for a quick and efficient recovery.

Trigeminal neuralgia - Facial pain

We are the only private clinic in Scotland that offers invasive treatment for trigeminal neuralgia. This is a debilitating and painful condition that can affect patients considerably in their day to day lives.

  • Theatre level injections as a day case (under a quick general anaesthetic and image guidance)
  • Option of surgical intervention for persistent cases